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REACH - the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals - introduced by the European Community, is new legislation designed to protect public health and the environment from the potential risks arising from the use of chemicals (that will also include metals under this legislation). Although the final deadline for full implementation is June 2018, various stages of implementation will be phased in over several years. The first stage started on 01 June 2007, and includes provision of supply chain information including material safety data sheets (MSDS).

REACH will have a considerable impact. It is our intention to update this web page with all REACH information and downloads relevant to Aura Metals. As the legislation is currently written, "alloys of metal" are classed as "metal preparations", and these preparations are then split into their constituent parts. This may change as there are on-going technical discussions, which may alter the way in which alloys are classified, but as it stands Aura has pre-registered relevant elements.

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Below is a list of CLP-ready material safety data sheets, all in pdf format, which will appear in your browser when you click:

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Antimony, arsenic, bismuth, boron, cadmium, calcium, chromium, cobalt, gallium, germanium, gold, indium, iron, lead, magnesium, manganse, mercury, molybdenum, nickel, niobium, palladium, phosphorus, platinum, scandium, selenium, silver, sodium, strontium, tantalum, tellurium, tin, titanium, tungsten, zinc

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